Augmented Reality for Sailing Navigation

While cruising, sailboats are highly affected by external conditions such as the sea, current, wind. The effective use of these vehicles are bound to information regarding surrounding environmental conditions. Recent sailing navigation systems are highly affected by the use of information collected from the surrounding through navigational technologies. On a boat, someone is responsible for continuously reading and interpreting the flowing data on fixed screens on the boat and deciding on critical strategies, while impeding conditions restricting movements and mental process. We believe that augmented reality (AR) technologies, which would project the data to surfaces on the boat instead of showing them on fixed displays, may provide significant improvements for this particular user experience conditioned under disabling environment. Here in this project, we explore the interface design and information visualization criteria for the use of two different AR technologies.

Keywords Augmented Reality, Head Mounted Display, Spatial Augmented Reality, Sailing Performance, Disabling Environment, Navigation, Tactical Interface, Design Criteria, User, Interface Design, Data Visualization, Participatory Design, Research Through Design
Team: Asım Evren Yantaç, Oguzhan Özcan (PhD Supervisor)
Contributors: İlhan Poyraz, Cemile Taman, Abdullah Karadeniz, Ercan Akkaya
Note: This project has been funded with TUBİTAK-1001 grant in 2009.

User Resesarch 70%
Ideation 90%
Prototyping 90%