Mediated Sound Reality Concept

Explorations Through a Wearable Mediated Sound Reality Concept to Enhance Soundscape Interaction

The aim of this study is to come up with design solutions to enhance our interactions with sounds that we have exposed in daily life. Even if we are aware or not, sounds we hear has effect on us. In this project, the key point is to analyze the relationship of human and sound, and how they affect each other. In the light of this analysis, design solutions will be revealed to enhance (for the unpleasant or problematic sides of) human sound interaction. The ultimate goal of the study is to design an artifact, with a waerable mediated reality concept, to have a better auditory perception in our daily life.

Keywords: Audio; Mediated Sound Reality; Biofeedback; Mediated Reality; Human Sound Interaction; Soundscape
Team: Selman Yücetürk, Asım Evren Yantaç
Contributors: Pınar Apaydın, Zeynep Dilmin Güden, Pelin Karaturhan

User Resesarch 50%
Ideation 50%
Prototyping 10%
23 October 2016

In Nordichi’16, we present our paper called, “Probing Human-Soundscape Interaction Using Observational User Experience Methods“.

17 June 2016

Our latest submission to Nordichi’16 get accepted! It will be presented on 26th October during Nordichi’16 and published on ACM Digital Library afterwards.

09 September 2016

For the next academic year of 2016/2017, we are going to continue our study in Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, to extend our knowledge with mutual collaborations.

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1. Discovery


During the first week of the program, in order to get to know each other, you will be expected to make a brief introductory presentation including your background and the studies you’ve done so far. We will present our studies and our work environment as well.

task 1: Literature Review

To become familiar with and understand the project, we’d like to dive into literature about concepts of Soundscape, Mediated Sound Reality (MSR) and Attentive User Interfaces (AUI). A brief information about these will be shared with you. We’d like you to share your findings about the topics and related studies in the introductory presentation that you present in first week.

time: Beforehand & Week 1

team: All


task 2: Programming Prep

You are expected to be/become familiar with sound processing to work on prototype of the project. We provide you the list of software/languages to start tinker on according to MSR concept and a basic assignment to work on.

time: Beforehand & Week 1

team: Orhun Canca

09 September 2016

For the next academic year of 2016/2017, we are going to continue our study in Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, to extend our knowledge with mutual collaborations.

2. Ideation & Design


task 3: Scenarios

To come up with design solutions touching real life, we think of scenarios/narratives about human-soundscape interaction from daily life. We’d like you to open your senses to observe your relation with the sounds around with its unpleasant or problematic sides, and ideate the ways to handle them.

A list of scenarios, and ways to solve them are collected in a sheet that will be shared with you to contribute as much as possible!

time: TBA

team: Samridh Kudesia (tentative), Gizem Oduncu, Eren Güleç


task 4: 3D Design

You will be expected to ideate, and sketch for a 3D design concept. The alternatives to design 3D form of the ultimate artifact will be asked. Detailed brief will be provided.

time: TBA

team: Samridh Kudesia (tentative), Sıla Bozdeveci

3. Prototype


task 5: Sound Processing

A major part of our prototype is sound processing. You are expected to work on issues of sound and noise detection, sound separation, and sound modulation/manipulation with MaxMsp, Processing and Java.

time: TBA

team: Orhun Canca, Adeel Ahmad Chaudhry (tentative)

task 6: User Input

What we’d like you to inspect is how we reach the information of user interaction with auditory stimuli. You are expected to chase the ways to collect data from user as input. One way we propose to you investigate is the track of neurofeedback with Emotiv Epoc+, which is a portable EEG device we have in our lab.

time: TBA

team: TBA

task 7: System Prototype

We will work on prototyping a mobile attentive user interface within a MSR concept. To do that, we’ll merge our works on sound processing with user data collection methods and prototype it!

time: TBA

team: Orhun Canca, Adeel Ahmad Chaudhry (tentative)

4. User Study


task 8: User Study A

You will conduct a user study with Emotiv and Here Active Listening ear buds. To do that, through the program, you will first get familiar with the devices by trials to conduct a decent user study secondly.

time: TBA

team: Eren Güleç, Samridh Kudesia (tentative)

task 9: User Study B

For the second user study, we will use the prototype of MSR concept we’ll develop throughout the program.

time: TBA

team: Samridh Kudesia (tentative)