Because we want to collaborate with you!

If you are an engineer, especially from computer sciences, there are several ways we can work together. In one of our projects, Mediated Reality Mirror, we’ve been working on a primitive prototype for a long time. Now, it’s time to elevate and evaluate it with your support in the following issues:

  • Input methods: The prototype has some basic functions and we want you to come up with an input method where we can switch between those functions.
  • Diminishing / modifying the reality: We need you to work on our image processing code and refine it. So far it’s able to make some basic changes such as blurring the environment and changing specific colors on the real time image of the environment.
  • Animations work with code: We need to augment some information on the real time image of the environment and we have a lot of ideas about the visual aspects of these information. However we need those information to be animated and run by a code.

You can find the details of the prototype on the project page. If you are interested, send an e-mail to Doğa ( or contact us so we can talk about the details.